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Seed cycling is an easy and functional way to get nutrients in the body to help women rebalance their hormones. The routine uses four seeds, 1. Pumpkin 2. Flax 3. Sunflower 4. Sesame, in a specific combination daily. The blend correlates with what phase of the menstrual cycle they are in, follicular or luteal. The seeds in this combination provide the body with the essential nutrients needed to regulate Estrogen and Progesterone levels.
Seed cycling is a practice that is often directed by nutritionists, endocrinologists, and homeopathic medicine practitioners to support women’s health challenges such as cramping, acne, PMS, and regulating the cycle. In some cases, women with PCOS, fertility issues, and menopause have been advised to use seed cycling in their daily nutrition regimen. Please consult your doctor if you have IBS or any other condition that may be affected by ingesting seeds.
Yes, many women have reported a decrease in their menopause symptoms when using seed cycling regularly.
It is advised that you do not consume the seeds during pregnancy, but it can be used for getting you back on track after your little one has entered the world providing you with essential nutrients that the two of you will need to be happy and healthy.
Yes, seed cycling can be used with birth control and can help support its effects. Also, seed cycling can help you adjust to a regular menstrual cycle when getting off birth control.
Ever heard the cliche, “all great things take time”. This is no exception. Expect to see positive results in 3-6 months. Daily consistency is key here. If you miss a day, double up your intake the next day. We recommend that you avoid skipping days so that you can see the benefits as quickly as possible.
Sync up with the phases of the moon! Begin with Phase 1 on the New Moon. Switch to Phase 2 on the Full Moon. Following the phases of the moon can help keep you on track with the 28-day cycle. The goal is that your cycle regulates.
Always start Phase 1 on Day 1, and Phase 2 Day 15. After you finish Phase 2, restart Phase 1. You’re encouraging your body to follow a 28-day rhythm for your cycle. Therefore, we put a moon tracker on top of our canisters. When you take your seeds, simply check off the moon so you can keep track of where you are in your seed cycling protocol.
Yes, many women have reported a decrease in their perimenopausal symptoms from seed cycling. Additionally, menopausal women benefit from the nutrient rich seeds. Read more here:
Store your seeds in the fridge to maintain their freshness after they are ground. They are fine during shipment, but they will stay as fresh as possible if you get them in the fridge and keep the lid on between uses.
It’s no big deal! You try to be consistent, but hey we are human. Simply double up your seeds the next day. No need for it to be at the same time. You can space it out through the day if it seems like too much.
You can put them on anything, but our favorites are oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt bowls, salads, and soups. You don’t want to cook with them because the heat can destroy those amazing nutrients. But you can sprinkle on hot food afterward.
Moon Milk is an adaptogen latte superfood powder blend. All three blends contain Maca, Reishi, and Ashwagandha. These herbs are caffeine free and help reduce the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone in excess can have a negative impact on your estrogen and progesterone balance.
There are three superfood flavors with various health benefits- but here are the most common. Lavender Cardamom (calming, cooling for PMS and hot flashes), Golden Turmeric (anti-inflammatory and gut health), and Cherry Beetroot (sleep and liver support).
Moon Milk can be used as needed but has better effects if used daily. You can get the adaptogen benefits equally from all or you can dive a little deeper into using them more therapeutically.
Throughout the 28-day cycle, we like to use the Golden Turmeric during menstruation for cramps and digestive support. Lavender Cardamom is great during bouts of PMS the week before your period, and Cherry Beetroot is helpful for sleep and liver support the rest of the time.
You can make a traditional latte with warm milk and sweetener of your choice using the recipe on the side of the container or you can use them in your favorite recipes here: We really like Golden Turmeric in soups, Lavender Cardamom in a cup of Hot Cacao, and Cherry Beetroot in our smoothies! You can really get creative with Moon Milk.

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