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Seed cycling is an easy and functional way to get nutrients in the body to help women rebalance their hormones. The routine uses four seeds, 1. Pumpkin 2. Flax 3. Sunflower 4. Sesame, in a specific combination daily. The blend correlates with what phase of the menstrual cycle they are in, follicular or luteal. The seeds in this combination provide the body with the essential nutrients needed to regulate Estrogen and Progesterone levels.
Seed cycling is a practice that is often directed by nutritionists, endocrinologists, and homeopathic medicine practitioners to support women’s health challenges such as cramping, acne, PMS, and regulating the cycle. In some cases, women with PCOS, fertility issues, and menopause have been advised to use seed cycling in their daily nutrition regimen. Please consult your doctor if you have IBS or any other condition that may be affected by ingesting seeds.
Yes, many women have reported a decrease in their menopause symptoms when using seed cycling regularly.
It is advised that you do not consume the seeds during pregnancy, but it can be used for getting you back on track after your little one has entered the world providing you with essential nutrients that the two of you will need to be happy and healthy.
Yes, seed cycling can be used with birth control and can help support its effects. Also, seed cycling can help you adjust to a regular menstrual cycle when getting off birth control.
Ever heard the cliche, “all great things take time”. This is no exception. Expect to see positive results in 3-6 months. Daily consistency is key here. If you miss a day, double up your intake the next day. That is the beauty of using food as medicine- It is just food and will not harm you- however, we recommend that you avoid skipping days so that you can see the benefits as quickly as possible.

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