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What is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling is the rotation of different edible seeds into the diet at different times in the menstrual cycle. Eating pumpkin and flax seeds during the first 14 days, and sunflower and sesame seeds during the last 14 days of your cycle can help balance your hormonal rhythm. See our recipe page for creative ways to seed cycle daily!

Pre-ground Seed Cycling Kits and Adaptogen Moon Milk
for improved hormone health.

Who We Are

Moon Cycle Seed Company was inspired by a need for women to understand the role that hormones play in the body. Seed cycling is a commonly used method to enhance your daily wellness routine and to restore the natural rhythm of these hormones.

100% Organic

Gluten Free


Small Batches

Step 01.

Order your first round of seed blends here on our site.

Step 02.

Determine where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Step 03.

Add 2 TBSP of the right seed blend to your meals daily.

Step 04.

Enjoy the benefits of a better flow after 3-4 cycles

Let's Get Cycling!


What Our Customers Think

"I began my seed cycling journey to help combat side effects from chemo. It sent me into early menopause in my 30s and after 2 years of struggling with hormonal side effects I decided to try this method. I have more energy, less hot flashes, better skin, & a more manageable flow when it does decide to appear. I also stick to making healthier choices each day while incorporating the seeds into my diet. Fighting side effects from cancer can make you lose a part of yourself, but Moon Cycle Seeds have helped me fight back, and feel more like my old self again."

Sheri Meizinger

Mother and Breast Cancer Survivor

“When I decided to stop the birth control pill, I was nervous about how my hormones would react. Thankfully, seed cycling was one of the key things that helped me regulate my body. Over the past few months of seed cycling, I have noticed a major change in my skin, as well as a more regular cycle. Moon Cycle makes it simple to add the right seeds into my daily meals, plus the moon milks have incredible ingredients that I love to add to my smoothies and lattes. The cherry beetroot moon milk is my favorite, but I love all the products 🥰”

Annie Phillips

Blogger and Recipe Enthusiast

"I absolutely LOVE my seed cycling kit from Moon Cycle Seed Company. They come perfectly portioned and already ground! Seed cycling has so many benefits for your hormonal health and seeds are something I find a lot of people have trouble getting into their diet. They’re packed with nutrients and having them pre-ground makes it so easy to add to your meals if you’re an on-the-go type of person like me." 🧡

Brooke Pinkos

Women's Health Coach

“I’m currently on a journey to balance out my hormones and seed cycling is one of the many things I’m adding into my life to find that balance! Moon Cycle makes it SO easy to incorporate the different seeds into my everyday routine! I love throwing them into my daily smoothies, in my oatmeal, or sprinkling them over salads/meals. I’ve found seed cycling to be such a fun, delicious and empowering way to help balance out my hormones🙏🏻🤍”

Gabbi Sorensen

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Seed cycling has been a fantastic addition to my self care and wellness routine. After going off of years of hormonal birth control my periods were heavy, irregular and painful. I suffered premenstrual acne. After just a few months of seed cycling, my periods have become noticeably lighter, less painful and I rarely get any breakouts before or during my cycle. If I do they're much smaller and go away more quickly than before. It's such an empowering way to improve your relationship with your cycle and is a noninvasive and simple addition to your daily routine.

Michaela Martin

Registered Yoga Teacher

I have been off of hormonal birth control for about 8 years and wasn't a person who had uncomfortable periods. When I started with Moon Cycle Seed Company I was interested in adding the available omega 3's and 6's to my diet through a food source. I am happily satisfied that my cycles, which were already mild, have been passing seemlessly with little to no bloating or tenderness. I have shorter, lighter periods. My favorite thing is how easy it's been to incorporate into my daily routine and the convenience of tracking my cycle right on the storage tube!

Sarah Heddell

Lover of Adventure

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