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7 Ways to Opt for Healthy Fats

I am shocked to find that women continue to believe that fats are bad! Avocados, olive oil, and butter- I find women avoiding these completely because “fat is bad and it makes them fat”. Well, guess what? That low cal margarine you reach for is all but one molecule away from being plastic, yuck! Ever hear the phrase “you are what you eat”? 

Healthy fats are absolutely necessary keep you hormone cycles flowing at their best and at the levels your body needs. If you deprive yourself of what you need or feed yourself more of what you don’t need (like refined carbs and trans fats) your internal stress increases. Now your organs have to work extra hard to deal with that stress and cannot deal with the hormone cycles properly. This can lead to painful or irregular periods, and fertility issues. 

So, what fats are good and why?  
Aside from my regular seed cycling ritual, here is a list of my favorites and what I switched them for: 
Eggs instead of cereal
Please do not skimp out on the yolks folks. They are rich in Vitamin D and you need this to ovulate. Shoot for free range and cage free, usually a safe bet getting them at your local farmers market. It is amazing to crack one of these eggs into a pan next to an industrially farmed egg. I’ll take the bright yellow plump yolk over a pale dull yolk any day! 

Avocado instead of cream cheese
Avocados are mother natures fruit designed for the ladies. They even look like an ovary! Rich in B6 for brain power and restoring estrogen level after your menstrual cycle, magnesium for immune function, calcium for healthy bones, potassium for muscle health, and fiber for digestive health.  

Olive Oil instead of dressings
Olive oil is rich in polyphenol which has a similar action of Ibuprofen on the body. It decreases prostaglandin molecules that cause inflammation during your cycle. Bye bye cramps! 

KerryGold Butter instead of lower quality butter
Butter really gets a bad wrap. The thing about butter is it needs to be sourced from happy cows that eat grass throughout their lifespan. No fillers, like partially hydrogenated oils which increase bad cholesterol, are added to Kerrygold butter. You can see this when you melt it and fats do not separate. I love making Ghee with this! 

Grass-fed local yogurt instead of flavored yogurts
Yogurt is a good source of protein and fat if you don’t get fat free. Opt for a plain version and have fun adding your own flavors like seeds, honey, and berries. This will cut out all the inflammatory causing sugars that come with the flavored brands.  
Salmon instead of pork
Salmon has a whole lot of Omega-3 fatty acids which helps with keeping the cervix lubricated, blood flowing to reproductive organs, and ovulation. 

Nuts instead of chips
Grab a handful of nuts when you want something salty or crunchy. They are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as fats to keep you satisfied when you need a quick pick me up. My favorites are almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and brazil nuts.  

Please don’t be afraid of fat, I beg you! The nourishing ones make your cells happy and if your cells are happy they can work better on keeping your hormone cycles in balance. Also, my brain fog clears and I am full throughout the morning when I add fats in for breakfast. Of course everything in moderation. Fats need to be balanced with fiber, proper hydration, and other natural sources of micronutrients like your fruits and veg.  

Now, all of this doesn’t have to happen all at once. Start by choosing something you can easily take away from what you eat and add in one item. Make a new change every week and before you know it you will find yourself making better choices without even thinking twice about it you will feel better than ever!