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Full Moon Self Care Rituals

Full Moon Self Care Rituals

The moon is on a 28 day cycle, similar to that of a menstruating woman. The full moon is the peak of the 28 day cycle, and it brings intense lunar energy with it. We can lean into the full moon energy to manifest, nourish, release, organize, and most importantly, care for ourselves. 

Check out the dates of the 2022 full moons here

Adding in rituals on these days can help bring clarity and peace. Here are 10 ideas of rituals  that you can try on a full moon: 

1- Take a bath. Light candles, add bubbles, and imagine the water charging your body. Water is an especially strong way to connect with the energy of a full moon.

2- Make moon milk. Moon milk is an ancient ayurvedic mix of warm milk and nourishing spices. We especially love our Golden Turmeric Moon Milk for a boost of warmth and spice on the moon. 

3- Meditate. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and align your mind with specific intentions that you want to focus on or bring into your life in the coming lunar cycle.

4- Journal. Your feelings, your fears, your intentions, your goals, and even jot down your to-do list that has been stressing you out.

5- Take a long shower. Wash your hair and your body and imagine the water cleansing away negative and stagnant energies. When exiting the shower, imagine you are stepping out as the best version of yourself.

6- Charge your crystals. All you need to do is place them somewhere under the light of the moon.

7- Make moon water. As discussed above, water is highly charged with moon energy. You can make moon water by placing a cup of water anywhere with moonlight and leaving it overnight. It works well to say an affirmation over the water in the evening and drink the water in the morning as you think of the same affirmation. 

Remember, you do not have to do all of these in one day! Try a few out each moon and see which rituals resonate most with you. HAPPY FULL MOON! 

Love, Moon Cycle