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How to Feel Good in Your Cycle: 7 Tips

Feel Good in Your Cycle: 7 Tips

Periods can have you feeling a little (or a lot) of yuck. So much is being thrown at you- cramps, bloating, acne, PMS, fatigue, and so much more. Emotional unpredictability can impact your relationships at home or work. Moon Cycle Seed Company gets it... and we got you with these 7 tips to feel good in your cycle. Try these for 3 months, and see your quality of life skyrocket! 

TIP #1 Keep Track of Your Cycle

Start this on your next period. Make use of your google calendar reminders, planner, or calendar. Whatever you regularly use to keep track of your plans! This will help you plan out the rest of your month and next period. You are going to write down these 4 

  • Your Period on Day 1

  • Ovulation on Day 14

  • PMS on Day 21

  • Next Period Day 28 (this restarts as Day 1)

TIP #2 Take Advantage of Your Peak Energy

  • Schedule important meetings, projects and social events during ovulation when energy is at its peak, and free up your schedule as best as possible during menstruation when energy is low.

TIP #3 Be Mindful of When You Will Have PMS

  • If you are prone to PMS, set an alert the week before your cycle. This will remind you to slow down and take time for self care. We love Lavender Cardamom Moon Milk during this part of the cycle. Adaptogens and Lavender help to reduce stress hormones!

TIP #4 Seed Cycle

  • Seed Cycling helps to keep your hormones balanced and reminds you to eat more healthful options daily.

  • Check out our recipe tab and our instagram for seed cycling recipe inspiration!

TIP #5 Keep Moving

  • Blood flow and endorphins make you feel good and are SO GOOD FOR YOU and your cycle.

  • Just 30 minutes a day is only a fraction of your day. It can be as simple as walking with a friend or following along with a youtube yoga class in the comfort of your home. 

TIP #6 Stay Hydrated

  • Grab a 32. oz. Nalgene and set a goal to drink 2 or 3 a day. A simple rule of thumb.. drink ½ your body weight in ounces.

TIP #7 Eat in Balance

  • Reduce processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. These can be inflammatory and may worsen your cycle symptoms. We love to substitute a Golden Turmeric Moon Milk Latte for an afternoon cup of joe!

  • All of Moon Cycle's recipes are created with your cycle in mind. We couple your seed cycling blends with foods that are actually good for you based on what part of your cycle you are in. For more information on this you can read Woman Code by Alisa Viiti!