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Moon Cycle Seed Company Offers Naturopathic Remedies

Moon Cycle Seed Company Offers Naturopathic Remedies


An Article from The Saratoga Farmers Market

By Emily Meagher

Growing up with six sisters, it’s no wonder that Sarah Avery took an interest in women’s health. In addition to being a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a focus in Women’s Health and Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Avery is also a vendor at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market. Her business, Moon Cycle Seed Company, is a seed cycling subscription service to help women rebalance their hormones and establish healthy body cycles.

This might be your first time hearing about the concept of seed cycling – it is for many people. That’s why Avery loves to explain to customers how it works. “It made sense to come to the farmers’ market with this product; being at the market makes it much easier for me to answer customers’ questions in person. Those connections are invaluable.”

Avery’s first experience with seed cycling came forth out of her own struggles with women’s health issues including worsening PMS symptoms after discontinuing hormonal birth control. “A friend of mine told me about the practice of seed cycling which is an easy and natural way to get nutrients in the body to help women rebalance their hormones,” says Avery. Seed cycling helps balance estrogen and progesterone by supplying the nutrients of four seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower, and sesame) in a specific combination daily. The blend correlates with the phases of the menstrual cycle, follicular and luteal.

Avery’s symptoms were markedly alleviated by seed cycling, and she started sharing her practice with other women in her life. Because seed cycling involves grinding the seeds to help the body’s absorption of nutrients, some of her friends were hesitant to put in the effort. “I figured that I could make it easier for everyone, and so Moon Cycle Seed Company was born,” says Avery.

Moon Cycle Seed Company, photo by Pattie Garrett

The subscription service offers eco-friendly packages of pre-ground seeds for the two different parts of the cycle. All you have to do to reap the benefits is sprinkle the seed blends in dishes such as smoothies, yogurt bowls, salads, and soups. In the future, Avery hopes to venture into ready-to-eat seed squares and possibly hormone-balancing herbal teas.

At the farmers’ market, we know all about how a healthy, varied diet can benefit your health. Besides your purchase at Moon Cycle Seed Company, many of the natural, whole foods at the farmers’ market may contribute to a healthy hormone balance, such as leafy greens, fatty fish, and sweet potatoes – all currently in season at the farmers’ market.