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Seed Cycling and the Importance of Consistency

Seed Cycling and the Importance of Consistency

If you haven’t heard yet, seed cycling is a process in which seeds are added to the diet to naturally and gently balance women’s hormones. Check out our Detailed Guide to Seed Cycling for more information on how to get started! 

You will find that incorporating seed cycling into your daily routine can be super easy, because you can add the seeds to anything. I love to put seeds in my morning smoothie, but salads, oatmeal, pasta, and most other dishes work too. The most difficult part of seed cycling though, and the most important part, is staying consistent! 

Seed cycling takes time to work with your body. Although there are not many scientific studies on the process yet, hormone specialists and women who have incorporated seed cycling note that it can take at least three months of daily seed use to start noticing the benefits.  

That said- here are some tips to help you stay consistent and maximize your seed cycling journey:
  1. Keep a journal to track your hormone symptoms throughout the month. This can help you identify and keep track of shifts overtime. 
  2. Track your cycle. While it is possible to follow the moon phases if you have an irregular cycle or no cycle, it is great to rotate the seeds with your natural cycle when possible.  
  3. Prioritize yourself! Seed cycling is a great addition to a hormone balance journey but self care offers extreme benefits as well. Hormones are affected by sleep, stress, diet, and environmental toxins- so it is important to prioritize wellness beyond seed cycling too. 
  4. Join our Seed Cycling Kit Subscription. You will be charged every 28 days and receive new seed blends monthly. This way, you will never run out of seeds or forget to buy more! An added bonus is that we offer an 8% discount to subscribers. 
  5. Use the moons on the top of our Seed Cycling Kits to mark off each day that you eat your seeds. This is an easy way to stay on top of taking them daily. 

Remember, that consistency is key. But if you miss a day or two, just double up when you remember. Happy seed cycling!